25% Discount Or Do You Want A Business.

Why Pay More ?

Herbalife has set up this amazing discount buyers program, to make their products more affordable than ever.  enjoying from an automatic discount of 25% off the retail price on all products for personal use (maximum discount 50%).

To become a Distributor or discount custemer you need to register with Herbalife and buy a International Business Pack. 
Once you are registered you'll be able to purchase Herbalife products at a discounted price, starting with 25% discount regardless how often you order.  NO COMMITMENTS!

With your registration you'll receive a membership ID number and Business Pack that includes:


  • Formula 1 Vanilla
  • Aloe Concentrate
  • Thermojetics Original Tea - 50G
  • Shaker
  • Tote Bag
  • Distributor Id Card 

It includes as well (if you don't need those please disregard):

  • Loose Weight Now Button
  • IBO Set Of 3 Books
  • DR Envelope
  • Product Training DVD
  • New Core Products DS Flyer
  • New Core Products CS Flyer
  • IBOB Product Brochure
  • Retail Order Form
  • DSA Welcome Leaflet - RSA
  • DSA Shopping At Home Broch. - RSA
  • DSA Earning Opportunities Broch. -RSA
  • Personalised Promotional Literature Flyer IBP
  • Welcome Letter DR IBP Flyer
  • Wellness Button
  • Wellness Questionnaire
  • Confidentiality Form


For your convenience you can place your orders:

  • Directly at Herbalife ZA site (https://za.myherbalife.com) with your ID number
  • By calling ZA Distributor Service (Order Placement & Distributor Relations).

Discounts are on all range of Herbalife products including weight loss, targeted nutrition, personal care/cosmetics and more.

You are not obligated to become an active distributor and sell Herbalife products but you may find this option attractive later in your life.

Still have a question?  

Call us on 082-332 5032

If you came to the decision and would like to proceed with the registration, please "Click" on the "Apply Online" and follow the steps. You will need those two details:

1.  Sponsor's Herbalife ID Number : 461 144 1226

2.  First 3 Letters of Sponsor's Last Name : BEK

The answer to the question: "Purchased an International Business Pack (IBP) from your Sponsor?" please select "No"

Just have these 2 datas ready:

1.  Sponsor's Herbalife ID Number : 461 144 1226
2.  First 3 Letters of Sponsor's Last Name : BEK

    and "click" on the https://za.onlinecontract.myherbalife.com