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What is the Challenge?                                                                                                  

So now discover a fun way to do just that and manage your weight, through:

Support: from your own personal coach.                                             

Education: on nutrition and eating well, for long term weight management.              

Opportunities: to meet like-minded people every week.                   

Inspiration: in a fun environment, to achieve healthy results.                                 

Weight Loss Challenge, a 12-week course to gain the knowledge and confidence, to achieve healthy lasting weight loss, well beyond these 12 weeks.

From the comfort of  your home/office/ Friends Home.

 It's a 'challenge' because you could even win a cash prize if you are one of the top achievers in your Weight Loss Challenge.

Thought you'd like to check out this website about My Herbalife Weight Loss Challenges.

Simply go to: //www.myweightlosschallenge.co.za/info/Clayton-Bekker-x9574
Please forward onto anybody you think might be interested!

Clayton Bekker Herbalife Wellness Coach.

C) 082 332 5032

E) herbalifeclay@gmail.com

Weight loss Challenge: //www.myweightlosschallenge.co.za/info/Clayton-Bekker-x9574            

FB GROUP) https://www.facebook.com/groups/721587287956781/