By becoming a Herbalife Independent Distributor you can boost your income while helping people meet their nutritional needs. Working either full or part time to fit your schedule, you can build your own business and sell proven, high-quality products which are not available in the shops. 
The exclusivity of our products will help you to build a base of long-term customers, who will turn to you for tailored support and advice.

You do not need to be a nutrition expert to become a Herbalife Independent Distributor as you receive all the guidance you need. When you sign up, you will benefit from detailed instruction from your personal Herbalife coach who will be on hand to answer your questions and help you complete your training.

Not sure if you all know just how EASY it is to sponsor new team members anywhere in the world..... Thought I would share this simple message with you to customise and use as you see fit?
Want to get started as a Herbalife Health Coach, or to get your products at a 25% discount every time you order?
All you have to do is go to
1) Choose your country of residence
2) Enter my ID as your sponsor – 461 144 1226
3) BEK are the 1st 3 letters
4) Select YES for purchased an IBP
Have a copy of your passport or ID to upload (easy to take a picture with your phone)
Follow the steps, and within 5 minutes you will be registered, able to order all Herbalife products in your country for a 25% discount and also supply friends and family.
I will receive notification once you have done this, so I look forward to supporting you on your goals!

Or call me and i can help!!!!

Yours In Good Health Clayton Bekker
082 332 5032